Контакти підтримки

DEFECT: Unfortunately, we can never support defects anyway. You can contact the (online) store for your warranty and product replacement.
DEFECTIVE OR FOCUSED ACCESSORIES: Most accessories that come with your product are universal and available everywhere. However, this does not apply to mouse / keyboards dongles. These are linked to each other in the factory and therefore not replaceable for another. We hope that you can find the dongle in that case. In the event of a defect, contact the (online) store for your warranty. We sometimes receive worried emails that there is no dongle included with a mouse or wireless set, this is in the battery compartment!
APP IP CAMERA: The Iview pro app is no longer available. You can use the YOOSEE app.
VIDEO GRABBER UVG-002: Problem no picture: From a certain update of Windows 10 it is necessary to change privacy settings in Windows to make such video grabbers work. Specifically, this setting must be checked: Start - Settings - Privacy - Camera - Allow apps access to your camera: ON
COMPATIBILITY: The packaging always indicates which operating systems our devices work with. We do not have drivers for Mac, for example, if Windows is indicated on the package.
MANUALS AND DRIVERS: For 90% of the questions we receive, the answers can be found in the manuals. Do you no longer have the manual? Chances are he can be downloaded from our website. You can also download drivers from our website. You go to www.gembird.nl and enter the product number at the top right of the search option. Click on DETAILS for the product. You will then see all information about the product and also various tabs. Under the SUPPORT tab there are manuals and drivers for download.
YOUTUBE: We have our own youtube channel where a number of demonstration videos of our products can be found. Our youtube channel can be found at: www.youtube.com/user/GembirdEurope Often you can also find videos of others if you enter the product number in the YouTube search option (if we have not produced a video of your product).
GOOGLE: You can still use GOOGLE as the last straw. If you enter an error message or problem in the google search screen, you usually end up in forums or websites where attention is paid to your problem. You may therefore be able to find a solution to your problem sooner before we can help you again.

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