CAT6 UTP latiguillo

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  • CAT6 UTP latiguillo
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Patch cord category 6 UTP (unshielded)
Length: according to the item
Structure: AWG 26 (7 x 0.15 mm wire), CCA
HDPE insulation of the wire: 0.85 mm
With LDPE filler
With polyester tape: not used
With aluminum foil: not used
Drain hose: not used
PVC outer insulation: 6.2 mm
Color:according to the item
Operation up to 250 MHz
Compliance with ANSI / TIA / EIA-568B standards

Packing details
Cantidad en Caja, Uds.50
Volumen caja, Met.Cub.0.048
Peso caja, Kg11.55
Tamaño individual del paquete LxWxH:240x175x40 mm
Tamaño cartón LxAxA400x300x400 mm
País de origenCN
Código de barras8716309093118
Código Aduanero8544421000


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