OFC 2-core cable, 0.41 mm2, black/black-white, 100 m

  • High quality OFC conductor material for optimal sound signal transfer
  • Versatile cable - can be used to power low voltage systems, but also works very well as loudspeaker cable
  • Practical polarity marking on one side of the cable

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  • 2-core cable, 2x 0.41mm2
  • Hihg quality 99.9% OFC conductor material
  • Can be used as installation cable for low voltage systems or as loudspeaker cable
  • Polarity marking on singe side

Conductor: 2 x 0.41mm2 OFC
Outer diameter: 2x 0.45 mm
Color: black/black-white
Length: 100m (roll)
Weight: 1.2 kg (roll)

Кількість в коробці, шт. 10
Об’єм коробки, куб. м0.0198
Вага коробки, кг12.61
Розмір індивідуальної упаковки ДхШхВ:140x140x60 mm
Розмір коробки ДхШхВ:375x330x160 mm
Країна виробникCN
Пакування1 Rol/ds

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