Lightning to stereo 3.5 mm audio adapter cable, white

  • Helps connecting your favorite headphones to your new iPhone

  • Lightning to 3.5 mm audio adapter cable
  • Enables connecting headphones that use a 3.5 mm audio plug to your Lightning devices
  • Works with all Apple devices with Lightning connector that support iOS 10 or newer (e.g. iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone)

Cable length: 15 cm
Net weight: 3.5 g

Requisitos del sistema
iOS 10 or newer

Packing details
Cantidad en Caja, Uds.500
Volumen caja, Met.Cub.0.044252
Peso caja, Kg4.51
Tamaño individual del paquete LxWxH:90x5x125 mm
Tamaño cartón LxAxA460x370x260 mm
País de origenCN
Código de barras8716309092913
Código Aduanero8544429090
Embalajepolybag retail


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