Patch cord kat. 5E, FTP, 0.25 m

  • Perfect connection
  • Foil shielded - for a reliable connection
  • Gold plated contacts

Patch cord Enhanced category 5 FTP (shielded)
Length: according to the item
Structure: AWG 26 (7 x 0.15 mm wire), CCA
HDPE insulation of the wire: 0.85 mm
With LDPE filler: not used
With polyester tape
With aluminum foil
Drain hose: 7 x 0.12 mm CCA
PVC outer insulation: 5.0 mm
Color: according to the item
Operation up to 100 MHz
Compliance with ANSI / TIA / EIA-568B standards

Ilość sztuk w kartonie300
Objętość kartona0.02207975
Waga kartona w kg7.82
Wymiary opakowania170x120x10 mm
Rozmiar kartonu DxSxW:385x310x185 mm
Kraj pochodzeniaCN
Kod celny8544421000


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