Adaptador 8-pin - HDTV

  • MHL is an HD video and audio interface for connecting mobile phones and other portable devices to HDTV’s and home entertainment systems. This MHL-adapter easily turns your phone’s USB-port into an HDMI connector and enables you to fully enjoy your phone’s video and audio content. When you add a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard you can turn your ordinary TV into an internet enabled media miracle in just seconds!
  • Easily connect your phone to a TV or home theater system
  • Use your IPhone as a media center
  • Keeps your phone charged and ready

  • Adaptador 8-pin a HDMI
  • Convierte tu puerto Micro USB de teléfono en un puerto HDMI
  • Funciona con móviles y tabletas provisto de MHL
  • Utilice el mando del televisor para controlar y acceder al contenido de tu teléfono
  • Mantiene su teléfono cargado mientras está conectado

Interface: MHL specification v.1.0
Bandwidth: 25 – 75 MHz
Connectors: 8-pin male (in), HDMI 19pin (out), USB-A (power)
Video: 1080p HD
Audio: 8-channel (e.g. 7.1 surround) digital audio
Power supply: 5 VDC up to 0.1 A from 8-pin port
Cable length: 1.8 m
Net weight: 25 g

Requisitos del sistema
iPhone with 8-pin port
Free HDMI port on your TV

Packing details
Cant. en CRTN, piezas48
CRTN Volumen, Met.Cub.0.036036
CRTN peso, kgs4.63
Tamaño individual del paquete LxWxH:190x110x35 mm
Tamaño cartón LxAxA390x385x240 mm
País de origenCN
Código de barras8716309097598
Código Aduanero8544429090


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